Are You Facing an Audit from Washington’s Department of Revenue or the IRS?

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Whether your audit is from Washington’s Department of Revenue or with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, you should not deal with these tax authorities unprepared or unrepresented.

These government agencies are in the business of tax collection in a strained economy and do not have your economic interests in mind. You should not expect the government auditors to be empathetic towards your circumstances or to see your point of view.

We recommend that, if at all possible, taxpayers not handle a tax audit on their own. While the taxpayers may assemble records on their own, it is always best if the individual or business is represented by an attorney or an accountant. Naturally, cost of representation must be weighed against the amount of taxes in dispute, but every taxpayer, regardless of the amount of taxes at issue would benefit from advice before going into the audit.

What’s going to happen?

An audit result is seldom 100% one way or the other. Most likely there will be acceptance of some but not all of the way in which a taxpayer has reported income. In such cases the taxpayer may wish to consider an administrative appeal.

What if I can’t pay the taxes?

Should there be a resulting tax obligation, there are a number of payment options available, ranging from suspension of collection on the basis of hardship, through installment and partial payment arrangements, to offers in compromise. We can assist with making repayment of all or a portion of your tax obligation as liable as possible.

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